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Traditional Weddings VS the 21st-Century Bride

Traditional Weddings VS the 21st-Century Bride

As a wedding planner I see more and more 21st century brides have their own ideas of what a wedding should look like. I  see weddings that follow tradition to the tee and weddings that look more like all out parties. Brides today like to do it their way, and are personalized to the couple’s personalities and similarities.

Some of the 21st-Century wedding trends we see and think will stick are:

Personalized Weddings: Our couples are blending traditional and secular vows, or writing their own altogether.

Sharing the Cost: Once upon a time wedding expenses were the exclusive responsibility of the bride’s parents. More frequently the cost are shared by the couple, the bride’s and sometimes groom’s parents. This is why we share with our couples that one of the most important and first conversations should be “who pays for what”?

Weddings and Technology: Online invitation creation, wedding websites and even streaming your wedding live for out of town guests are here to stay. Technology and the internet has had a lasting impact how brides (couples) plan. The boom of  smartphone cameras have guest in the aisle all “I need  picture”, “get out the way professional photographer”… it’s hilarious, except to the bride and groom.

Family Involvement: Nearly 45 percent of weddings are second marriages so you see more and more where there are children participating with sand and “promise” rings as they blend the two families. Traditionally where the father of the bride would escort the bride, you’ll see the bride has asked both parents to accompany her down the aisle.

Attire choices: My modern brides are increasingly expressing themselves and individual taste through their bridesmaids wedding attire. Bridesmaids dresses are selected with future use in mind, even coordinating colors but different cuts to suit each body type. Here in Texas you might even spot cowboy boots as the preferred bridesmaids shoes. My personal favorite are from my bride Tchoy who opted to have her and her bridesmaids wearing matching glittered keds.

As times goes by I just enjoy the ride and help couples navigate this thing called wedding planning.


Hugs and Wedding Confetti,

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